Visit to discuss and create your care plan

Before Braunton Care start providing any care service, you will receive a visit from a trained member of staff or our Care Manager (at a convenient time to suit you). They will then tell you about the company, discuss your care requirements and assess your needs. Usually takes an hour. Once this has been done, they will agree your care plan with you then take it away and draw up a final copy. You will then have another chance to read and agree whether you think the care plan assesses your needs appropriately before being put in a file in your home for the carers to read when carrying out your visit.

Health and Safety Inspection and Risk Assessment

The assessor will also carry out a health and safety inspection of your home to make sure that the environment is safe for both you and our carers. A Risk Assessment will be drawn up as a result to ensure the safety of everyone.

Your views will always be taken into account, and if you wish a relative or a family friend can be with you when we carry out any visit or review.

Regulary review your care plan

Your care plan will be looked at annually and reviewed, but you can contact us at any time to request that we review your needs and make any appropriate alterations. We pride ourselves on our communication with clients, carers and other professionals around the village.

Social services referrals catered for

If we are providing care to you on behalf of social services, they will tell us the tasks we are to undertake for you and they will have to agree and approve any changes you may require. Similarly, if you have any requests for changes then we can get in touch with social services and communicate them across for you. Social Services will make their own care plan up of your needs and pass that on to the appropriate professionals involved e.g. Doctors, District Nurses and Care Providers such as ourselves. They will also carry out a review of your needs annually to assess for any changes in your care needs.

Home Care Assistant

We recognise that a Home Care Assistant is somebody you want to trust and rely upon, for this reason we take great care in selecting staff members whom you will feel completely comfortable with. If at any point you don’t feel like you and your care assistant are an adequate match then you are of course at liberty to ask for a change if you feel it to be necessary.

Our Carers work to the highest possible standard. They are sensitive to your needs and understand that for us all to achieve our aims; your dignity and respect will need to be protected at all times.

It is vitally important that Braunton Care workers treat our service users with the utmost dignity and respect, giving them freedom of choice, privacy independence and security at all times. Confidentiality remains at the forefront of our minds; especially when going from home to home. We actively want to care for you, it isn’t just a job!