Domiciliary Care can also be defined as Home Care. It is the delivery of a range of tasks to support individuals to live independently in their own homes. Domiciliary Care can range from a variety of tasks; each tailored to suit an individual’s own personal needs and wants (e.g. shopping, personal care, domestic tasks etc). All of which can be carried out in a varied time frame for example, some people may only require a 30 minute visit in the morning to help get ready for the day, where as another individual may require a couple of hours in the afternoon to sit with their loved one whilst they go shopping, some people need night sit’s throughout the night or even live in 24 hour care.  Every visit is tailored to suit you and your personal needs!

Our main goal is to promote service user independence and encourage them to do as much for themselves as possible. Service users should be given choice and involvement as to how they want their care implemented.

The Care We Can Provide:

The Care we can provide ranges from a variety of tasks, each suited to the individuals own personal needs.

We employ highly trained staff who are able to provide a wide range of care from personal to practical support, whenever you need it.

Daily Care:
  • Personal Care
  • Personal Services
  • Home Help & Domestic Services
  • Preparation of Meals
  • Prompting of Medication
  • Live in Care
  • Complex Care
  • Holiday Care
  • Hospital to Home Care
  • Social Companionship
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Sensory Impairments
  • Palliative Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Sitting Service
Night Care:
  • Waking Night – Is when a person needs constant attention all night.
  • Night Sit – Is when a person needs care intermittently during the night.
  • Sleeping Night – When a person needs the reassurance of knowing they aren’t alone at night.

Our services are offered in a transparent manner, giving you clear information on the services we can offer and the associated costs every step of the way. We want to give Service Users the quality service that they desire.

We all know how difficult it can be to accept home help as well as having strangers in your home . An important part of our care service is to develop a platform where friendships and trust can be built. Safety is an essential part of your care as well as feeling confident in your carers abilities to carry out the task you require.


Due to the increasing demand in the Braunton area, we are unfortunately finding it very difficult to venture a far for short visits. On some occasions, where the visit is block hours (e.g. sit in service or night sleep) and we have staff available then we may be able to make exceptions. If we have the capacity then we may be able to do it, It’s always worth a try – We will never make promises we can’t fulfil.